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[Televangelist] Jimmy Swaggart wrote a book called Music: The New Pornography. Ever since, I tell people 'Jimmy Swaggart said music was the new pornography.

The New Pornographers are merely musicians.' It's completely innocent, and poo-poos people who say, 'What an offensive name you have.'" Dan Bejar releases his first solo album as Destroyer.

No one could tell how far in either direction we went." Newman wants to start a more earnest project, so he co-founds Zumpano, a four-piece who get their name from drummer Jason Zumpano.

They record an album called Look What the Rookie Did and sign with Sub Pop.

"It seemed like a massive barrier to cross," he remembers. It was such a chasm — that few feet between audience member and guy who's standing on stage. '" 1990 to 1995 In 1990, Newman forms Superconductor, a hard rock collective that features as many as six guitarists. There was grunge, and a lot of even more abrasive music was really popular," he tells Fresh At Twenty: The Oral History of Mint Records many years later.

Their first show is well attended, and Newman is thrilled, even though he considers the band a joke. "So, at the time, it seemed like, 'Well, I'll just play a couple of these riffs, and then I'll scream over top of it, and that's a song?

At first, their relationship consists of friendly ribbing.

"I remember they played at a day-long concert in somebody's backyard, and they wore fur bikinis and cat ears.

Meow played and at end of their set Neko randomly started go-go dancing. Oh, that's Neko, I've heard talk of her.' I don't think I really knew her till like a year later.

"[They] were sort of a Pavement-esque band that I thought were pretty cool," Newman recalls.

True Love Forever release a cassette demo with a couple of Bejar's songs.

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He spends his childhood living just outside of Vancouver in North Delta and White Rock before moving into the city after high school.

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