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She has good taste, so everyone loves what she does, and they love Jane too. You have to listen to what the prospect says she wants, be attentive and sympathetic. With women sometimes send them little gifts and take them to dinner. Then when they sign on the dotted line, it turns out they expected more than a countersignature where the dotted line ends. I'd bed down mostly out of town women mostly for one nighters, women who could appreciate someone companionable and not too bad in bed, but with no strings. " And she was gone before I could ask why she didn't just drop them off herself, Alice lives only a block or so away. Well, I spent the morning making calls and catching up on my paperwork, then on my way to the office I stopped off at Alice's. Anyone on the street could have seen her, if there'd been anyone, though there never is. I figured I'd say that's what I think it is, at least until I got out of there. The women weren't giggly, they were serious, as if they'd been eager to get on to something, and I'd interrupted them. I wouldn't have any real problem finding out who they were. "Open wide," she ordered, and I don't know why, I just did. Our husbands and the neighbors think we play bridge or something, I'm sure. We are all of us bisexual, and we are delighted to have found each other. Craig, save all your Tuesdays and Thursdays for us from now on. I thrust out, and didn't dare appear in public without a jacket any more.

It seems that some had originally resented my advantage, that I had their breasts to play with but they didn't have mine, but now they could make up for lost time. Eve was made out of a man, in the garden of Eden." "Very good, Eve. Kneel straddling my legs, and then lower yourself onto it. My mouth grew more ardent as I slipped around it, kissing it and rubbing my tongue all over it. So when I covered it thoroughly with my mouth's juices I climbed onto the couch, straddled Eden's lap facing her, closed my eyes, and lowered myself onto it until the soft cock-head touched my asshole. The easiest way is, a few inches for it to get inside you, and then when you can, take in all the rest all at once. It seems Lisa was waiting behind me for me to finish myself off, and then for Beryl's seal of approval. Then a lunge, and the whole dildo slithered in, lubricated with some thin slippery substance. Each thrust against my bottom pushed my face further into Lisa's pussy, and she grunted, then thrust back, until finally the three of us were locked in a glorious pushing and pulling and thrusting and licking rhythm that ended in an even more glorious orgasm for me than the first time. When Eden pulled out, a warm liquid began to ooze down my leg. This dildo can squirt like the real thing you used to carry between your legs. " As we dressed and prepared to go home, me by now wearing a ladies' jogging suit better fitted to my wider butt and protruding chest, Eden showed me how the dildo was constructed.

Also, the girdle is insurance you won't try to use what's inside in the heat of some moment or other. As for the brassiere, you're only an honorary woman, and we'll all need to be reminded you're that much, anyhow, until you look and behave more authentic. A little girl who hopes some day to have a pair of breasts of her very own, just like them. So I quit trying." My blonde kept her arms circled on my neck and kept looking at me, her expression unchanged. "When I reach down to put me into her, I can feel that she's gotten wet even before we've begun. So she doesn't need me down there for lubrication before we fuck. Her mouth overwhelmed one of my nipples, then the other, and her breasts began to feel like mine as she wrapped her tongue on my little nipples and I licked hers, and we tongued each other as if we were each other's doll babies. We pursed our lips on each other's nipple tips, and wrapped our arms around each other, and clung together more and more tightly, and kissed each other's aureoles, and nibbled each other. I began to get the strangest squirming sensation in my crotch as her tongue moved on me. I could sense that I had passed through some kind of initiation ritual, and was now a welcome addition to their number. I especially loved Beryl for the exquisite pleasure she'd brought me just by nursing on me, and letting me suck on her. But I'm sure they told you, always gentle." "They all told me to try to feel like a little girl, " I said. Like this." Alice fluttered her fingers ever so lightly across my imprisoned, engorged penis, rubbing the silken girdle fabric so delicately that an electric charge leaped from her hand directly through my prick to the base of my spine. Maybe you won't function some other nights either as time goes by. I snuggled into her feeling pleased, very much like a little girl who has satisfied her mommy. "Well, I was actually checking that the kid I hired to snap photos of us was ready for that big moment. He ought to have taken some pictures through my bedroom window, too, from a branch of that same tree. In case you ever really do hire someone to snoop on us.

We care about our members, and we swap a lot of our juices around." Well, that seemed fair enough. Also, no one else here has balls, so yours don't fit in. Feminine, delicate, pretty, and then reach with just your fingertips to touch my nipple tips. Once she said, "It wouldn't be right," and another time, "You'd notice." And she wouldn't explain what she meant. "Now sometimes when she comes home she's real eager to make love," I said. Like a little girl nursing on her mommie." I did, and it felt wonderful. "If you'd like a suit like this one, I can tell you where I got it," she said. All the girls smiled as they passed me going out the door, and I smiled back at them. They're beginning to think of you as one of the girls. I was watching you with Lisa, and then later when Beth had you imprisoned in that clutch kiss of hers. That's where we always want to feel strength pushing into our crotches. Always think of your fingertips as feathers when you stroke with them. Later on you'll be no good to her at all after our Tuesday and Thursday sessionswe'll be trying to drain you. " I told her I had joined a physical development Club, and had been advised to shave off all my body hair so it wouldn't irritate. But she hugged me close, and she said she loved having such a sweet, smooth, loving husband. All that pussy, and more to come, and yet I'd been as faithful to my wife as any of the other Bi Girls were to their husbands. Steadily, then faster as her own orgasm approached, then like some machine-driven piston as my own groin began to clutch and tense up, then explode. Then as I softened and began to slip out, she said, "You like getting fucked by a guy whose tits dangle in your face. Then she stretched up, put her arms around me, and kissed me full on the mouth, just once. Jane often came and went during the day, or some neighbor might report to Jane that I'd strayed off limits. Like your underwear worn at all times now, and your makeup worn at least during our clubmeetings.

Long strokes with my tongue, beginning way back by her asshole and finishing by her pisshole, stroke after stroke, my tongue as stiff as possible while passing by the deep part, where my prick would be if it weren't snugged into my girdle. Faster and tighter, with the same long stroke, back to front, and I could feel her thigh muscles begin to tighten. My neck stretched out as I began each sleek stroke, and I ended each with a little girlish wiggle, thrusting my tongue deep into her. Now I could lean deep down into her slit, really get my nose in it. Femme hands and a butch tongue, what a wonderful combination. Come up here and let me kiss you." So I did, and she kissed me sweetly, gratefully, full on the mouth, not noticing that my face was soaked. She held me around the neck, looking into my eyes with mild affection. "No, I don't mean kiss." I thought I should be honest. At first, yes, our mouths were everywhere on each other. Drink all of my juice your heart might ever desire! I got to my feet, and she sat up just a little, patting the cushions where her head had just been. Any time you want to live down there between my legs, Craig, do feel free to be my guest." By four o'clock, the ladies of the Bi Girl Club were uncoupling from each other and beginning to drift back upstairs to dress, to become proper housewives and ordinary clubwomen again. But that girdle doesn't come off until we're all sure you'll control what's inside it. We fucked three times, twice that night, and then again the next morning. "Then spread your legs and lift your knees, girl, and I'll climb on top of you and fuck your brains out." That kind of talk was new, but it was suitable. She climbed between my legs, said "Wider, babe," then lifted herself up to drop down onto my pole so it extended all the way into her its full six inches. Then when I'd just showered and was toweling off, she stuck her head in and without warning took hold of my cock yet again. I wasn't sure I should, but she pointed out patiently that I should know what my sizes are going in, in which case my bras and girdles and panties might fit, but maybe not, or else I could try them on there, in which case they'd certainly fit and I'd have the advantage of the saleslady's advice, and also the advice of any other woman who happened to be there. She took me into her bedroom, amused by my nervous glances out the window at our own house, picked up a tape measure, and told me to strip. It's a pity though that I don't get to suck you off again now, as my reward for qualifying you today to join the Club." "Dottie," I replied, trying to sound chivalrous, but also as if I was kidding, "I'll gladly give you a rain check on that." I was wondering if I'd be back in action by tomorrow and could drop by Dottie's for a private blow job. And walk the way Alice told you women tend to walk. The make-up and the purse are gifts from me, to make up for my trapping your cock in my mouth the other day while Meg took pictures.

" I found it was easy to imagine myself some sweet young thing, stroking her gently, lovingly, lightly lifting each boob before going on to caress more of their smooth, mellow curves, feeling increasing awe and admiration as I fondled each one. I could feel her whole pelvis relax as I went in at her a little more determinedly, and then she began to thrust rhythnically at me, then to rock her whole pelvis up to meet my mouth. breasts," so I reached up around her thighs toward her breasts. But it was as if I were under orders, and I kept slurping. She unbent her legs, and then lifted them high up from the hips, stretching her toes straight to the ceiling. "That was just fine, Craig honey," she said, sounding throaty. You'll make a marvelous lesbian, if you ever want to take it cuntlapping as a career. But her arms remained around my neck, her eyes looking straight into mine, mild but unwavering. ." I looked around, and saw Beryl lying back at her ease on the soft couch opposite us, her firm breasts for the moment aimed straight upward. You'll find more feeling builds up between us when we suck on each other like little princesses, layer of feeling on delicious layer of feeling. "Ask Meg to show you more things to do with them, before we wear out your tongue altogether. In return, you can certainly teach her some tricks about how a mouth fits into a girl's private parts. She'd suggested it a few years ago, and I liked it. " And she hopped off me and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. You should play the girl more often." So, for fun I sprinkled a little of her cologne onto my hand and rubbed it on my chest, then went in to dress smelling flowery. I called Dottie and she invited me across the street to get measured for my undies. But it would be nice to start up something with Dottie. A woman's lingerie department is no place for a man whose prick is trying to prove it's a member in good standing." We bought a few brassieres in A and B cups ("We can wait and 'C' if we need to" she said), and a few frothy panties, and two firm controlling panty girdles, and a cheap breast form (when I asked why not a good one, she quipped again "Maybe you'll prefer the home-grown variety! Out in the opendon't be ashamed to be seen carrying a purse.

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Her mound fully exposed too, curly dark hair in a dark V. Tim Peterson's wife, he's an accountant, she's the doctor in that new medical arts building. "You ladies don't seem to have had time to get dressed yet this morning." "This afternoon," said Alice. Why don't you come in, now, Craig, and let's see what we can fix up on short notice." She stepped to one side, and now the doorway and hallway led straight back to the thin Peterson woman with the big hair and tits, still standing and looking at me from the far end. Jane once caught me staring out the window at her house, and said "Off limits! It's getting chilly in here, and we're all wearing nearly nothing! Another was doing stretching exercises along the wall, naked, little tits and a thin bush, but thighs that looked like they could could crush a horse. You're invited to have sex with nine good looking women twice each week! Monday night after Jane zonked out I took a shower with a razor and a can of shaving cream, then some Nair, and when I came back to bed I was smooth as a baby's ass. I'd spent some time over the weekend with a Victoria's Secret catalogue learning the names for these things. You've probably noticed we have body hair only on our pussies. Once I accidentally left some frilly black lace panties on my bureau, and came in to see Jane holding them up and looking them over.