Coast to coast am dating

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Coast to coast am dating

Topics discussed include the near-death experience, climate change, cosmology, quantum physics, remote viewing, hauntings, contact with extraterrestrials, psychic reading, metaphysics, science and religion, conspiracy theories, Area 51, Ouija boards, crop circles, cryptozoology, Bigfoot, the Hollow Earth hypothesis, and science fiction literature, among others.

He explained that, provided there was no element of hostility toward third parties, it was program policy to allow expression of opinion unchallenged. Hoagland's contention that features on Mars are artificial, constructed by a civilization that once inhabited the planet.

Noory does not challenge these statements and agrees with whomever is making the statements.

During hours of "open lines", calls are taken and put on air.

Most frequently the topics relate to either the paranormal or conspiracy theories. According to estimates by Talkers Magazine, Coast to Coast AM has a cumulative weekly audience of around 2.75 million unique listeners listening for at least five minutes, making it the most listened-to program in its time slot.

The program is distributed by Premiere Networks, both as part of its talk network and separately as a syndicated program. The Coast to Coast AM format consists of a combination of live callers and long-format interviews.

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