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In the fantasy-like episode when Dunham’s character Hannah spent several days playing house with dreamy Patrick Wilson, Dunham challenged the rules of television which dictate men can “date up” in terms of attractiveness but women cannot.

We overlap the age groups in order to let you chose what event you want to attend – consider this an advantage!

Men and women, who may be on the lower or upper end of an age group, have the opportunity to attend events for two different age groups in order to find the one they like the best!

Peggy and Joan have used two very different strategies to navigate a sexist workplace: a prudish Peggy refused to use her looks to advance (rather she jeopardized her career with workplace romance); a much more sensual Joan had an affair with her boss and seduced men into getting her way.

And in just about every episode, the HBO show finds a way to flash women’s breasts onscreen.

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