Did spencer grammer and scott michael foster dating

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Scott Michael Foster plays the always scheming Cappie on ABC Family's Greek, the Kappa Tau president known for his many majors and tons of hilarious plans -- plus he's quite the girl magnet! J-14 talked to Scott about the upcoming season of Greek will be like, his old co-star Jesse Mc Cartney, and what he really thinks about his castmates! We literally pick up right where we left off, and it's the next day.

We're going to expand on Cappie being in a secret society and his relationship with Casey, so you'll see a lot more of that.

Look for even more of Scott when Season 3 of Greek premieres on Monday, August 31, on ABC Family! Scott Michael Foster: Without giving too much away, we left off [season 2] with the end of the world party, and so it's the whole Cappie and Casey thing -- what's gonna happen there.

Cappie was on top of the roof wondering what he should do. Scott: It's not one word, but pool hustler who always beats me!

As president of Kappa Tau Gamma, he often butt heads with his former best friend and president of Omega Chi Delta, Evan Chambers (Mc Dorman). PHOTOS: Fictional TV hometowns James, meanwhile, played Calvin Owens.

His character pledged with Omega Chi Delta, was Rusty's best friend, and came out as gay during college.

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You look fantastic." And then my close friends are like, "Ehh..should go back to your normal hair color." So, I don't know.

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