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Famed mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay reported seeing such footprints during their historic trek up Mt.

Everest, though both would later deny the Yeti’s existence.

Scientists generally dismiss Nessie as a fantasy, but cryptozoologists and other believers have argued that the Loch, which has depths of over 700 feet, could support such a massive creature, which they hypothesize might be able travel from the ocean to the loch via an underwater passage.

Whatever the case, the Loch Ness monster and its enduring mystery have proven to be a multi-million dollar industry, with countless tourists visiting the site each year in search of the elusive water beast.

T H Somervell 1890-1975 Theodore Howard Somervell was Vice-President of the Himalayan Club (1942-43) and President of the Alpine Club (1962-65).

He was also an artist, musician and an author writing four books, eleven papers on his mountain experiences and sixteen medical papers.

The term cryptid refers to any creature whose existence is not supported by science.

This can include animals that were thought to be extinct but may still exist, as well as legendary creatures that exist only through stories and circumstantial evidence.

Like most of the more well known cryptids, the Yeti legend has given rise to many hoaxes, including a famous piece of film faked by a Fox television show.The Army List indicates that he was commissioned as a Captain in the Territorial Army in November 1915.He was within a few miles of the front line as the battle of the Somme began on July 1916 and on one occasion, operated almost continuously for 70 hours.The Sasquatch legend dates back to the Lummi Indian tribe, who passed down stories of the Ts’emekwe, a large, brown-haired ape creature that was said to stalk the forests.The modern Bigfoot story began in 1958, when a bulldozer operator in California discovered a number of huge footprints at one of his work sites.

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