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For mandating

Anglian Water is promoting excellence right across its employees and delivery partners and throughout its relevant contracts to safeguard the quality of its customers' tap water.Peter Simpson, Anglian Water’s Chief Executive and also current President of the Institute of Water, said: "In Anglian Water we are committed to delivering the highest possible standards of drinking water safety and quality for all our customers.Overall, Professors De Mitchell and Fossey’s book is must reading for school attorneys, student advocates, school administrators and school board members – indeed, for anyone who cares about appropriately balancing the expressive rights of students with the interest of school districts in carrying out their educational mission.Energy & Utility Skills has commended Anglian Water for its work in mandating the National Water Hygiene Scheme as part of an extended quality approach and Hygiene Charter, linking drinking water quality management to health and safety principles.Focused on increasing academic achievement in our schools, administrators and policy makers often look to requiring school uniforms as one strategy for decreasing the distractions that interrupt learning in our schools.Any school community considering requiring students to wear uniforms must put Todd De Mitchell and Richard Fossey’s new book, T high on their required reading list.Professors Fossey and De Mitchell have written another classic book, one that belongs on the desks of every school administrator, lawyer, and scholar.

Frequently asked questions about the law and regulations are here (open in a new window).School uniform polices, often associated with private schools, are increasingly being adopted in public schools; but not without controversy.The often asserted reasons for mandating uniforms include improved student behavior, better attendance, less competition over clothing, and improved student learning because students would not be distracted by who was wearing what and could focus on their studies. However, opponents assert that a mandated uniform seeks to homogenize the students, violates their free speech rights, and does not solve the problems the policy is intended to remedy. Irene Peters Endowed Professor of Education spent eighteen years in the public schools serving as a teacher, principal, director of personnel & labor relations, and superintendent.The Drinking Water Inspectorate expects all those involved to operate to the highest standards of hygiene and safety, ensuring that clean drinking water remains wholesome and there is no deterioration to the quality of supply." Notes to editors: * Energy & Utility Skills Group continues to raise awareness of the importance and value of the NWHS training to protecting public health, highlighting the ten year anniversary of the UK-wide scheme, providing a case study of the longest card holding engineer and then giving an example of the water companies now mandating the 'blue card' training right across their business.** The Energy & Utility Skills Register is an independent skills platform which provides recognised standards for the utility sector.

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They also provide an innovative meta-analysis of the existing empirical studies on the effects of school uniform and dress code policies on student behavior, concluding that the evidence is mixed on this important issue.

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