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George hamilton dating barbara

Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton 'avoided' paying VAT on his £16.5million private jet, the Paradise Papers have revealed.

Hamilton's lawyers said there had been no illegal activity, but admitted no VAT had been paid on the plane.

These are mostly Caribbean and Atlantic islands such as Bermuda, Grenada and the Bahamas, but also include Malta, Lebanon, Labuan (an island territory in Malaysia), Samoa, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands and the Marshall Islands. The Panama Papers involved millions of files leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, showing how some of their clients laundered money, dodged sanctions and avoided tax.

This is a separate leak, although will raise many of the same questions.

Legitimate tax avoidance schemes are legal, and there is no suggestion Hamilton was directly involved in creating the scheme used for his jet.

Hamilton left the United Kingdom to live in Monaco and then Switzerland in 2007, so as to avoid paying excessive UK tax.

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However, documents suggest that around a third of Hamilton's journeys were for private trips.