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" Joseph holms " subscribed to the purchase of a bell for the First Church in Dorchester, Dec. It was about this time that he began service in King Piiilip's War, which continued for one and one-half years. 364, 365.) If he had any particular trade or location, it has not been dis- covered. It is presumed that he removed to Boston about 1679, perhaps earlier, for we find that Jane Bates of Hingham, 13"' i'^ 1679, made over her " whole Estate," also what " may bee due ... She died in Boston, and was buried near her parents." * She was made a member of the Old South Church, Mar. He did not take the oath of freeman until May 15, 1690. corner, but when the present City Hall was built his headstone was removed to its present location. 5 Farm and Squantum Neck to be equally divided between them." This property is located in the confines of what is now Atlantic — Ward 6 of Quincy — and part of it has remained in the hands of the Glovers, continually, ever since. In the adjoining and smaller towns these " warnings " were only given to prevent the person warned from gaining residence, and they were rarely forced to depart, but as said above, the rules in Boston were more rigidly adhered to. Both he and his son Joseph' are in the " List of Inhabitants in Boston 1(395." (Boston Rec. Joseph Holmes was assigned at that time forty-four acres, and his lot was number 59. Joseph^ Holmes (George^), whose birth record is not found, presumedly was born in 1637, on the passage from England, or very soon after his parents arrived in Roxbury. Nath' Homes, is buried with a very thin Funeral." For some reason, administration on his estate was not granted until Aug. Marsh" comprised the estate "left by his Said Father." "He can find nothing more to make an Inventory of." (Suffolk Co. It is perfectly wonderful what a vitality this " three brothers " story has among ordinary people ; yet it is an almost proven fact that among the thousands of early immigrants of our colonial period, the cases of three brothers arriving as settlers could be easily counted on the fingers of one pair of hands. There were about twenty others from that locality, most of them settling in Rox- bury.

The old church is on a hill and is seen for miles around ; it is built of brick, stone and flint ; it has an entrance on the side, as shown in the frontispiece, and the build- ing is now used for worship, as it will be probably for scores of years to come. ''-a TIONS, ^ 1908 L Extra copies of this work mat be obtained of G. t «0 We owe it to our ancestors to preserve entire those rights which they have delivered to our CARE. We owe it to our posterity not to suffer THEIR dearest INHERITANCE TO BE DESTROYED. Some of the information has been obtained under great difficulties, and where there are thousands of names and dates it is well nigh impossible to pre- vent a few errors creeping in, especially if the information is given erroneously, and without means of verification. The writer feels gratified that he has succeeded in collecting so much that is reliable and that has never been printed. George' Holmes came to this country, as near as can be ascer- tained, in 1637. There is on the court records of Nazing Court Leet, dated 1637, the names of certain jurymen, in some cases identical with the names of early settlers of Roxbury. Twenty years ago the writer first began his work on the Holmes Family, and during the last five years has devoted all the time and energy at his command to the completion of this book. " When a man makes a feast he more certainly invites his critics than his friends" ; yet in general, family genealogies are reliable and are most always w^ritten by painstaking people \vho devote years of their time without com- pensation. The work is lengthy and arduous enough on this side. S., in his "Memorials of the Pilgrim Fa- thers, " gives the name of Holmes with the names of many others who were in Roxbury with Eliot (pages 68, 70). " This list also contains many names ap- pearing later on this side of the Atlantic, the name of George Holmes being among them.

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Churches, lodges, cemeteries, courts, town records, wills, deeds, societies, aged persons, old bibles, diaries, etc., all have a story to tell.

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