Michelle obama dating barack

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I want to encourage all of us as young women, as older women, we have to raise our own bars.” Still need convincing?“If I had worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute when I was your age, I wouldn’t be married to the president of the United States today.” 4.

“I was trying to impress her and show her I was a culturally sensitive guy, and it worked.” Of the date, Michelle said, “He showed all sides. Look at the whole picture when you first start dating.: "Look at how the guy treats his mother and what he says about women and how he acts with children that he doesn't know and more important how does he treat you?

You shouldn’t have a shadow of a doubt that your partner is proud to be next to you.

interview with the Obamas, almost four years after they married, Barack stated, “There are times when we are lying in bed and I look over and sort of have a start.

the adorable way her and Barack cap off their nights: “We call it tucking. You should have secrets that are just for you two, and you alone. It's a great sign if you crack up at the same things ...

He’ll come and say good night and turn the lights out and give me a kiss, and we’ll talk ... , “The quality I love most about her is, she’s honest and genuine ... or just start laughing when you see your partner lose it.

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