My boyfriend have been dating 2 months

Posted by / 08-Dec-2017 03:51

Most days I feel like I’m living inside a Taylor Swift song. I’ve now experienced most of these stages of waiting for him to confess his burning love.

Still, we haven’t said “I love you” to each other yet. This happens early on, when you’re well into the beloved honeymoon phase.

You’re still laying in bed for hours at a time, barely having a coherent conversation because you’re so wrapped up in touching each other.

You can’t remember the last time you were this happy, but it can’t be love yet.

”If that actually happened, I would go find the nearest hole to die in. The urge can be near painful, like blue balls for your emotions.

All synonyms for “love” have been completely exhausted.

Why stay in a relationship with a guy who obviously loves you but is too much of a p*ssy to put it out there?

The insecurity of unrequited feelings is nearing unbearable.

It affects trust and how open you feel with your partner.

It was an act of old-fashioned romance that I had always dreamed of, but never was lucky enough to experience.

Therefore, since it is our one-year anniversary, I would like to end our first year together with that same act of old-fashioned romance.

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”Sometimes I feel like my boyfriend is getting a kick out of watching me squirm.