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The bonus question was a betting question, for they could risk any or all of their current money total.

A correct match added the wager while an incorrect match deducted the wager.

" If they recognized that fact, all they had to do was to raise the sign which then lit up and yell out "THAT'S MY WIFE/MAN!

(1996-1997)John Cramer (1997-1999)Brad Aldous (2009)Randy West (2009-2010) The Newlywed Game is the hilariously, long-running game show where unpredictable recently married couples (newlyweds) spill their guts (talk about themselves) in order to win a grand prize or a second honeymoon.When Gary Kroeger took over in Fall 1996 the show was overhauled with a new format.Each spouse was shown a videotape of their mates who gave a statement mostly about their spouse.The couple with the most money kept the cash (with a maximum of 0), and won the grand prize.When Paul Rodriguez took over as host in December of '88, the old scoring format returned, but the number of couples was reduced to three.

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When the isolated spouses returned, they were asked the same questions, and the answers given by the first set of spouses were written on blue cards which were all placed flat on their laps or in front of them.