Sophomore dating senior

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Sophomore dating senior

We had the best alcohol-free parties, and we all actually remembered it the next day.

Getting into the habit of saving will help you tremendously when you are older.

When you go away to college, you will wish you had started saving in high school because you'll be ballin' on a budget. I developed a slight procrastination problem, otherwise known as "senioritis," during senior year and beating it is way harder than it sounds.

Developing good study habits during freshman year will save you junior and senior year. Do yourself a favor, and stick to your good study habits!

Whether he is your boyfriend or your best friend, his opinion of you is not more important than your own.

I have learned that having self-confidence is one the most important qualities you could have.

All that matters at the end of the day is what you think of yourself. My first semester of college was a culture shock because I was so used to being around my twin brother and two sisters.You have your whole life to work, but only a short amount of time to be young and have fun. Now that I look back on high school I wish that I had not been so focused on making money and working when I didn’t have to be.Football games, the homecoming dance, open house, prom…everything.When we were suddenly separated by 300 miles, I missed having them around.Trust me, distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

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I nearly didn't go to prom one year because I had no date.

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