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As she recalls, “It was almost the end of the school day and I remember a few moms running into our classroom hysterically crying. Many of the students in my class were upset because they had older brothers or sisters in [main] the school building. When my mom returned home that evening, everything that she was wearing reeked of smoke.”Richard escaped without injury and today [2010] is a Chicago Police Officer.

“While working in the Special Operations Sections, I would often return to the site of Our Lady of the Angels School.

Sharon lived with her grandparents and mother on Iowa Street, about three blocks from OLA.

When her grandmother heard about the fire, she left Sharon's 3-year-old sister sleeping in the house to go search for Sharon.

I heard a lot of people crying and screaming and running around.

Each December 1st, seems to bring back blurred visions of the fire.

I remember we all held hands going outside and she said not to look back.” Sister of Debbie Taliani.“If I had been born in December of 1951, instead of January of 1952, I would have been in second grade on December 1, 1958, which means I would have been in the main building on Avers and Iowa. I believe that God had not intended me to be in 2nd grade, in the main building, on the tragic day.”“I was in first grade on the second floor of one of the [Hamlin Street] buildings.

Instead, I was in 1st grade at Joseph Hall down the street on Hamlin Ave. On the day of the fire, my mother was walking to school to pick me up.

I was walking northbound on Hamlin heading to my home (382 N. On the way, I saw my Mother running southbound on Hamlin. In the early part of the evening we located him at one of the houses near the school. When I was working in Special Operations, I would often drive by Kell's field on Chicago and Kedzie.

I recall that after the fire, there was no 'counseling' and we really did not discuss what had happened.

We later attended Our Lady Help of Christians parish school for a while, and then my group was sent to John Hay public school for the next two years.”Patty escaped without injury. My mom walked me to stay at the Baby Shop on Chicago Ave. She then went to the scene of the fire to help walk students home.

That was a day that I and [my] family will never forget.

[Today, 2015] I live with my husband in Horicon, WI and have three children and one granddaughter.” Sister of Peter Minerva.

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I remember my mom saved all of the news clippings and pictures. My house was right next to the convent, which was directly across the street from OLA.

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