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Witty dating quotes

The hours are sometimes endless, yet it rarely feels like “work”. I agree with you…he was a drone (and a bit of an ass). Isn’t anyone whose owns their own business and even employs others self employed? As a copywriter for an ad agency your job was to create. And if I ever doubt myself and my ability to succeed, I’ll come back to this post because it’s all the encouragement I need. It started when, although all my life I had no problem getting a job, suddenly, I guess my wrinkles were showing, employers were not interested – EVEN PROFESSIONAL JOB PLACEMENT COMPANIES. One I remember and can now smile – the lady started to pull an application out of a drawer, and she stopped halfway through, looked me up and down, and said…’oh we are all out of applications…could you come back some other time…’ I started my own small business and I can tell you, mr. When life pushes us in a corner, we generally come out fighting. A big hooray for you and all of us who managed to find our own way and make a place for ourselves in the business world. I’m back to being employed again, working for a small company.

And he absolutely got under my skin in the worst way. Thanks for the support, the understanding and the post! You know I would love to hear your take on all things agreeable AND disagreeable. John Grisham is self employed as is Danielle Steele. You would have thought they would have asked you to bring your dog to work, play cool music and inspire yourself to create great things. Instead you were expected to fit a mold, a time slot and fill in the graphs. Thank you, Lizzie I’d like to know the age of that “hot shot recruiter”. hotshotrecuriter – you don’t know what work is until you run your own business, responsible for everything and worrying if someone doesn’t like it, you lose. Clearly you have been pondering the idea of being self employed for some time now. I applaud you and agree wholeheartedly that the man was a bit of an ass. Oh if you could only be in the same room to see me nodding along and cheering you with every sentence! I actually think, for me, being employed is harder. My husband doesn’t earn nearly as much as I do as an assistant manager for a restaurant so my income is the primary one.

For 40 years now, I’ve started each month with no guarantee. For 40 years, I’ve raised a family, saved money, lost all of it when a partner embezzeled a nifty sum 30 years ago, started over from scratch, put the kids through school, the roof over the head, paid the bills, etc. As a slacker, I didn’t have the luxury of co-workers stepping in for me; of taking some grief time off; of healing.

Last week at a networking meeting I was told by a hotshot recruiter that self employed people are just people who can’t find work or keep a job anywhere else. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so insulted in my life. However, we decided while we were raising kids, we couldn’t have TWO entrepreneurs in the home (someone needed a ‘steady paycheck’), and given he was more employable than I… Amanda, I don’t know how I could have missed the time zone crunch point. It’s a huge pain in the butt, but something that is part of the territory, as you know. The real problem is that so many people share his lame view of the self employed. Tammy, the last time I had a “real” job was in 1983 when I was a copywriter at an ad agency. Yes, but I also came in most days before 7 to avoid the traffic. As you can imagine knowing me, I went home with steam coming out of every orifice.I can’ imagine having a 9 to 5 –I don’t know what that is. I understand feeling a little dumbfounded–but I could imagine blowing off any time with the jerks of the world–unless it was for the sole purpose or creating you excellent post and he was your platform. In a people placing business, I would think matching temperaments was as important — if not more important — than matching job skills. In very simplistic terms, I believe there are those who function well from the outside-in and those who function well from the inside-out.Otherwise–two hours of kiss off time would find me in front of a favorite show on TV that I was dying to catching up with–now, that could be slacking a tad. Funny how full life is of answers to questions no one asked. The very idea that solo entrepreneurs don’t have “real jobs” was so offensive to me. The former do well when given parameters, told what to do, how to do something, and when to do it. The latter need to set their own parameters and have control in deciding how to do what, when. A person may have a natural inclination of one over the other.Lucky for him I took my anger out in words but what I was really compelled to do was wait for him to come out of the building and run him over. Tammy, I read and agree with most of your posts, but, like you, I found my feathers quite ruffled after reading the recruiters comment about a ‘real job’ and just couldn’t help myself! Boy they are certainly slackers albeit prolific ones at that. What a dreadful fate for a creative mind to suffer. I went to work at age 16 and I am still working – at 83. What an a__h_l_ Joan Cooper Hi Lizzie, thank you for that amazing post. You will need that courage, determination and confidence, that is no lie. there is nothing that quite speaks to the soul like truth. I have to move to someone else’s beat and I’m just flat out not good at that. Unfortunately, trying to run a fledgling business on a minuscule salary wasn’t cutting it.Hope you are well – I send my best wishes for an amazing 2013! When people make such broad statements without information to back it up, it usually indicates to me that they do not have a clue what they are talking about. And yet, neither of us would have it any other way. You are absolutely right with your mention with our penchant to give back to our local merchants. But it may surprise you to know that your excitement, pure joy, and love of the challenge will feed your spirit, your mind and your body. Take your truth, own it and run with wild abandon into your destiny. It’s a necessary evil sometimes but oh how it chafes. It DOESN’T necessarily mean that you are currently self employed. The right opportunity came along and here I am, back to employed again. It’s not easy but I don’t think there’s an entrepreneur anywhere who will tell you it isn’t worth it. And I just have to say, I self-published a book in November – the lead character’s name is Lizzy. For whatever reason, the good Lord thinks I need a little more grooming, a little more tweaking and a little more time in the fire.

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